Bryony van Hoffen

BHIthST, BOccThy (Hons)

What Bryony loves best about being a paediatric OT is that she can be creative and innovative in creating client-centered approaches to support young people. Bryony values the importance of having a shared vision between parents, teachers, and children so that we can create goals that are achievable and important. Understanding the occupations of children is an area where there are always new things to learn, and she loves that everyday is different.

Bryony has worked with families and children for many years in different positions within private practice. Her first degree was a Bachelor of Health Science. This gave her the underlying knowledge of the many health conditions impacting society today. During her more recent Occupational Therapy degree, she completed an honours dissertation and within this she completed two articles prepared for publication. The first was a systematic literature review of what instrumental activities of daily living assessments are being used by occupational therapists with people who have mild cognitive impairment. This has been accepted into the 2018 International Occupational Therapy Conference held in Cape Town, South Africa. The second article presents a quantitative research study on the impact of early cognitive decline on instrumental activities of daily living, in older adults living in the community.

3 Fun Facts About Bryony