Kelly Skorka

BOccThy (Hons 1), PhD Candidate

Kelly loves working with children and their families, and supporting them to reach their potential. With a background in mental health, Kelly believes in integrating both a child’s psychosocial and physical needs and strengths to ensure a holistic approach to therapy. Kelly enjoys working as part of a team dedicated to delivering a high quality of care, and loves seeing the excitement and pride in children as they reach their goals.

Kelly is an Occupational Therapist with a special interest in supporting children with complex physical and/or cognitive difficulties to achieve their goals and enjoy life with their family and friends. Kelly received the University of Queensland Summer Research Scholarship in 2012 and the Scope ‘Do It Better’ award in 2017 and has presented at student and postgraduate conferences. She is currently completing her PhD, researching strengths and support for children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Kelly also has over 13 years of dance experience and enjoys helping children improve their skills and engagement through dancing.

3 Fun Facts About Kelly