Madeleine Rice

BOccThy (Hons)

Madeleine (Maddy) has always had an interest in working in paediatrics. Maddy believes that OT presents a particularly interesting combination of academic knowledge and creativity, which allows for interventions that can be developed around a child’s interests and can lead to incredibly rewarding outcomes. Prior to working as an OT, Maddy worked as a support worker across three organisations, assisting clients to access services in their community and in their daily living. This previous knowledge and experience has stood her in great stead and has enabled her to provide a practical, engaging and family-centered service with her clients. Maddy particularly enjoys getting to know each child, figuring out what motivates them, and creating a positive space for success.

During her study, Maddy gained valuable experience at Spinal Life Australia and Act for Kids. She continues to develop her knowledge with regular professional development in the latest advances in Paediatric Occupational Therapy.

3 Fun Facts About Maddy