Enhancing quality of life and play through occupational therapy and speech pathology

Our occupational therapists and speech pathologists help children develop those key skills to better engage, participate, and most importantly, enjoy life.

Offering in-clinic, online, and mobile occupational therapy and 
speech pathology to Brisbane children

With a commitment to finding the very best ways to offer your child support, we’re able to tailor therapy to their needs. This means we’ll come out to work with them in the environment where they need the support, whether that’s in the classroom, the playground, or at home.

Our occupational therapists and speech pathologists are committed to supporting families

Working exclusively with children, our occupational therapists and speech pathologists understand the challenges and pressures that families face. That’s why our services work to support parents and carers as well as their children.

Early Childhood

Occupational therapy can help toddlers and young children to develop key motor & play skills, and the coordination necessary for completing tasks at school, playing with friends, or completing basic self care tasks. We’ll support their relevant developmental needs at this stage too. Speech pathology can help young children to develop early communication skills such as using words and sentences, understanding instructions and concepts, and using speech sounds.

Kids in Care

Children living in out of home care such as foster homes may need additional support to reach the same milestones as their peers. We take an evidence-based, empathetic approach to working with these children.

Kids with Complex Needs

Children with complex needs or diagnoses such as ASD, ADHD, or DCD, or those with chromosomal or genetic conditions might need some extra support to develop key skills. Our occupational therapists and speech pathologists can work with them to develop self care, learning, communication and social skills.

School Aged Children

We can work with children inside the classroom to develop learning skills like memory and attention, writing, copying, and organisation. Or we can support them outside the classroom with social and participation skills.


Parents who think their children may benefit from occupational therapy and/or speech pathology are welcome to bring their children in. A referral from a paediatrician or GP is not required in order to access our services.


We team up with schools and teachers to offer extra in-classroom support to children. We’re able to support teachers through professional development in these areas as well.

Allied Health Professionals

Our therapists collaborate with paediatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, and a number of other health professionals to fulfil children’s care needs.

Telehealth Services Available

At OCC Therapy, we strive to provide flexible solutions for families in the way we provide both therapy and support. We’re pleased to introduce a new Telehealth service to our clients. It means we can now run interactive sessions via encrypted Microsoft Teams video calls. Here, therapists will be able to utilise various programs and tools to engage clients and work towards their goals.

We’re also pleased to provide parental coaching via Telehealth and are able to fit many families around their busy schedules. We believe offering Telehealth services will benefit more of our remote families as we can eliminate the need for travel.