Our Values

To provide an exceptional service in all regards

OCC Therapy strives to provide timely, encouraging, and clinically excellent support. We pride ourselves on our integrity and our belief that all children deserve the opportunity to reach their developmental potential. Our clinic believes in the power of positive relationships and experiences in building a child’s confidence and their sense of success.

To empower families

We aim to create a responsive relationship with our families and clients from the get-go. From the initial contact with our OCC Therapy clinic, we strive to be understanding and respectful to each family’s needs. We respect and acknowledge the understanding individual families bring about their child. Our work is collaborative and focused on supporting families to thrive now and in the future.

To build a team around your child

We work to communicate effectively with those involved in your child’s education and care facilitating optimal outcomes. OCC Therapy values a high level of professionalism and intentionally works to build a team that champions your child.

To provide support in context

We offer our families a choice in location (such as schools, homes, or clinic). We understand that every child, family, and classroom is unique; and context has a significant influence on your child’s experience. We endeavour to assist with individualised, practical, and easily implemented support.

To provide an evidence-based approach

OCC Therapy holds professional development in high regard. We prioritise developing our therapists’ knowledge and skills, as we believe this is a key factor in providing relevant, research-backed, and effective therapy for families.