Early Childhood

Therapy for Toddlers, Babies & Young Children

Paediatric occupational therapy and speech pathology

Our team supports both parents and their infants or toddlers by combining a range of therapy techniques.

How We Support Babies & Toddlers

Early childhood is a period of rapid growth and development. There are a range of skills around self care, learning, and how we have fun or socialise that we develop and hone in early childhood. So, when a child is taking longer to develop those skills, early intervention can help. We’ll get to know your child and their strengths — this will give us an idea of what we can work with and build on. Then we’ll work with them to support those skills they’re needing extra help with.

Early intervention can help put your child on the right path for their development and set them up for a fun, happy childhood. We’re highly experienced in supporting children from birth to early childhood.

How Our Paediatric 
Therapists Support Parents

Parents who think their children may benefit from occupational therapy or speech pathology are welcome to bring their children in. A referral from a paediatrician or GP is not required in order to access our services.

The Key Areas Our Therapists Help With

Self Care


We’ll work with you to help your child achieve restful, quality sleep through the night by establishing and supporting bedtime routines.


Whether it’s a sensory or texture issue, or a matter of feeding
independently, we’ll implement strategies to increase the volume or range of food — or introduce the use of cutlery.

Toilet Training

We’ll increase your child’s awareness of when they need to use the toilet, and help them learn daytime or nighttime toilet routines.


This is all about the developmental skills like getting dressed or undressed, or tolerating different clothing types.

Personal Hygiene

We’ll support your child to develop independence or tolerance in daily hygiene tasks, like brushing their teeth or washing their hair.

Personal Safety

We’ll develop key safety concepts, including helping your child identify dangers.


Fine Motor Skills

We’ll develop those necessary fine motor skills required to hold a pencil, draw, cut with scissors, and manipulate objects.

Personal Safety

We’ll develop key safety concepts, including helping your child identify dangers.

Attention & Concentration

We’ll help develop your child’s ability to watch, listen, and interact with early learning materials.


Our occupational therapists help in developing key memory skills. Importantly, we’ll assist your child with following instructions and finishing tasks.


Our occupational therapists will support your child to participate actively and become comfortable with switching between tasks in learning settings.

Social & Leisure Participation

Play & Interaction

Your child will learn how to play, both independently and socially, and develop their imagination, ideas, and storytelling skills.

Emotional Development

Your child will learn to identify emotions, navigate tantrums or meltdowns, and improve their “flexibility”. By flexibility, we mean the ability to adapt to changes or when expectations are not met.

Gross Motor Skills

This is where we target motor skills like throwing and catching, balancing, and your child’s postural stability.


Language Skills

We will help to develop your child’s communication skills by developing their use of words and sentences. We will also target their ability to understand language.

Speech Skills

We will work with your child to help develop their speech production skills.

What To Expect From Therapy

Occupational therapy and speech pathology for young children is most effective when we help them learn through play and in the moment. So, our sessions are heavily based on play and activities that will help us learn with your child and set them up for a healthy, happy childhood. We’ll team up with parents or educators through this process too. Together, we can talk about the child’s development and work to solve problems.No one knows your child like you do. Parents are amazing! You’re intuitive, creative, and resourceful — and we share a common goal: creating the very best for your child. Our aim through our early intervention occupational therapy service is to support you to find the strategies that work for you, your child, and your family.

How Our Paediatric Therapists Support Parents

We love having the opportunity to improve children’s lifestyles through partnerships with early childhood centres. Together, we can establish structures and strategies to suit your centre specifically, including:

  • One-on-one therapy or assessments
  • Educator training and support
  • Information sessions for families
  • Screening groups to identify those who might need support

Training Workshops for Educators & Families

These workshops can be tailored to the specific topics or needs of the educator or family we’re connecting with. These might include:

  • Learning developmental milestones and simple support strategies
  • Prep readiness

  • Supporting children with sensory needs to thrive
  • Mastering the toilet
  • Supporting fussy eaters
  • Supporting late talkers