Stacey Palmer

BOccThy (Hons 1)

Stacey loves being able to foster understanding, connection, and playful moments each and every day between children, their families and their educational caregivers. Her passion is to support children to find their way in this ever busy world, whilst keeping the fun factor as high as possible! Stacey loves working with toddlers and young children, and is passionate about early intervention, play based learning, and finding little golden moments which can put a smile on a child’s face and set them on a path for developing confidence to try their best and give everything a go.

Stacey has extensive experience working across many fields of community OT paediatric practice and early intervention services. She has lived and worked in metropolitan, rural, and remote areas of Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, and the UK. Accordingly she has lots of experience with transitions and the impact moving has on families. She has worked with children from birth to adulthood, and currently specialises in supporting children and their families of preschool age, specifically working towards Kindy and Prep readiness. Stacey has many accolades to celebrate:

  • Sadie Philcox Award (1996).
  • Post Grad Certificate (Health Services Management), Edith Cowan Uni, WA.
  • Recipient of the WA Perinatal Mental Health Grant (2011).
  • RHSET scholarship and Clinical Exchange Program (QLD, 1997).

3 Fun Facts About Stacey