How To Create A Sensory Box

Sensory Box

A sensory box can be a useful tool to support kids with regulating their emotions and supporting their attention and concentration. When kids become over stimulated or escalated, the box can be used to support calming down, as it will have items in the box that are […]

My Child Keeps Losing Things!

Does your child keep losing their belongings? Hats, jumpers, shoes, toys, lunchboxes and notes from school all go missing? Looking after belongings is a skill to be […]

The Importance Of Nature Play

Nature Play

Now more than ever it is important for us to find moments where we can reconnect with nature. Scheduling time and going outdoors can help […]

Starting Out With Scissors

Starting Out With Scissors

Often the thought of giving your little one a pair of scissors fills your mind with images of home haircuts, clothing with extra holes, and possibly an unplanned doggy trim! Learning to cut and […]

Yoga and Proprioception

Yoga and Proprioception

Is your child often wriggly, very energetic, have difficulty sitting still for long periods of time, or slump on chairs? Proprioception is the ability […]

Let’s Get Back To Baking

early childhood occupational therapy

As occupational therapists, we know the importance of engaging in tasks and activities that a person finds meaningful. When we are able to […]